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Sometimes you want a wine that carries the weight of history. Often in our present, we see many brands and products change with the times. It can be quite distressing to find out a vintage we liked has been discontinued, to lose that joy to sales cycles. No wines taste exactly the same, after all, depending on the vintage. We want bottles that will last forever, brand-wise. 

Vega Sicilia is remarkable because the winery is 155 years old, and is still producing bottles. We have historical records from monks on the place’s origins, and an aura of mystery for the gaps in knowledge we have to recreate with archaeology. For this reason, the wine is highly valued but is worth the price.

History From Northern Spain

Vega Sicilia hails from the northern Spanish provinces: Castile and León and Valladolid. Within these provinces, Ribera del Duero serves as an appropriate wine region due to the favorable climate. Don Eloy Lecanda y Chaves got an education in Bordeaux wines and founded Vega Sicilia in 1864 after learning about his grapes.

The winery is named for the green Duero vegetation, as well as for Saint Cecelia, the patroness of music and Christian martyr. While Lechanda y Chaves didn’t produce lasting documents to explain his reason for mentioning a musical saint, the wine is meant to help others make merry. The vines that grow in Vega Sicilia tend to be over a hundred years old. They span 25 acres worth of grapes, including Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Currently, the Alvarez family owns the winery. They also own the Alión winery, which the family founded in 1991 as well as the Pintía winery, which came to fruition in 1997. Despite these more modern grapes, the Alvarezes appreciate the history that comes from a sip of Vega Sicilia grapes.

Spanish Wines From Vega Sicilia

At, we sell the ones that feature red grapes mainly. You can enjoy aged Tempranillo or decent Bodegas Vega Sicilia. We sell seventeen different vintages from the winery, and below are several of our recommendations.

The 1981 Unico will set the stage for that special occasion since they are the winery’s flagship. The Unico bottles tend to be aged for ten years, which is why they are scarce, and sometimes will not come out for fifteen years after the grapes are picked and processed. Savor Tempranillo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon in a mouthwatering blend.

Único Reserva Especial is one of the unique blends, which grapes from multiple harvests. As a result, you get a unique array of flavors. The growers choose the best grapes, so as to combine them into one bottle.

Another great Unico is the 2006 vintage, when you want a floral choice. This one has cedar and mint tones. The longer it ages, the more tastes that you will unlock with one sip. Relax with the tannins and endless array of flavor.

When you want something in-between 1981 and 2006, we like Unico’s 2004 blend. It has hints of tobacco, blending Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Sift through the combination of spices, cocoa, and berries to get quite a complex tasting experience.

If you can’t wait ten or fifteen years, we like the 2007 Valbuena. This wine only ages for five years and is still filled with remarkable flavors. People love the delicate cedar notes and fruity aromas. Enjoy the smokiness and light tannins.

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